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Our Staff

    Harry Howard
(859) 333-6018


    Shirley Howard
Office Secretary/Owner
(859) 236-1872
    Josh Howard
    Brooke Gander
Financial Controller/Advertising/Claims
(859) 339-1192 or (859) 236-3295
    Jack Atwell
Store Manager/Salesman
(859) 983-3564
    Jesse Bourne
Assistant Store Manager/Salesman
(859) 983-3554 or (859) 236-1872
     Harold Edwards
(859) 983-3562
    Troy Johnson
Warehouse Manager/Scheduling
(859) 236-1872
    Barry Wilson
Warehouse/ Remnant Store
(859) 236-1872 or (859) 236-0364
    Charles Erwin
(859) 236-1872
    Ray Daniels
Remnant Store Manager
(859) 236-0364
    Rita Atwell
Business Office Manager/Accounts Payable
(859) 236-3295


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